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Name First
From Approx.
as of
# of
(verified = Twitter verified)
Alex Bell The Amazon Los Angeles, CA 32 54 1
Butch Lockley The Amazon Olney, IL 50 72 1 @ButchLockley
Christy Smith The Amazon Basalt, CO 24 46 1
Daniel Lue The Amazon Houston, TX 27 49 1 @danielLue
Dave Johnson The Amazon Pasadena, CA 24 46 1
Deena Bennett The Amazon Riverside, CA 35 57 1
Heidi Strobel The Amazon Buffalo, MO 24 46 1
Janet Koth The Amazon Manchester, MO 47 69 1
Jeanne Hebert The Amazon North Attleborough, MA 41 63 1
Jenna Morasca The Amazon Pittsburgh, PA 21 43 2 verified @JennaMorasca
Joanna Ward The Amazon Orangeburg, SC 31 53 1
Matthew Von Ertfelda The Amazon Washington, DC 33 55 1 @BeyondFrontiers
Rob Cesternino The Amazon Wantagh, NY 24 46 2 @robcesternino
Roger Sexton The Amazon Valencia, CA 56 78 1
Ryan Aiken The Amazon Ellicott City, MD 23 45 1
Shawna Mitchell The Amazon Redwood City, CA 23 45 1
Number of survivors shown: 16
Average age when played: 32.19
Average current age: 54.19
Percentage with Twitter: 31.25%

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