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Name First
From Approx.
as of
# of
(verified = Twitter verified)
Alicia Rosa One World Chicago, IL 25 38 1 @AliciaRRosa
Bill Posley One World Venice, CA 28 41 1 @BillPosley
Chelsea Meissner One World Charleston, SC 26 39 1 @ChelseaMeissner
Christina Cha One World West Hollywood, CA 29 42 1 @Christina_Cha
Colton Cumbie One World Monroeville, AL 21 34 1 @ColtonCumbie
Greg "Tarzan" Smith One World Houston, TX 64 77 1
Jay Byars One World Gaffney, SC 25 38 1 @_JayByars
Jonas Otsuji One World Lehi, UT 37 50 1 @sushisurfer
Kat Edorsson One World Orlando, FL 22 35 1 @KittenSWAG24
Kim Spradlin One World San Antonio, TX 29 42 1
Kourtney Moon One World Austin, TX 29 42 1 @angryolive
Leif Manson One World San Diego, CA 27 40 1 @LeifManson1
Matt Quinlan One World San Francisco, CA 33 46 1 @Matt_Quinlan
Michael Jefferson One World Seattle, WA 30 43 1 @MJeffersonS24
Monica Culpepper One World Tampa, FL 41 54 1 @monicaculpepper
Nina Acosta One World Clovis, CA 51 64 1 @NinaAcosta3
Sabrina Thompson One World Brooklyn, NY 33 46 1 @IamSabrinaT
Troy "Troyzan" Robertson One World Miami, FL 50 63 1 @troy_zan
Number of survivors shown: 18
Average age when played: 33.33
Average current age: 46.33
Percentage with Twitter: 88.89%

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