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Survivors from FL

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Name First
From Approx.
as of
# of
(verified = Twitter verified)
Ace Gordon Gabon Naples, FL 27 43 1
Albert Destrade South Pacific Plantation, FL 26 39 1 @SurvivorAlbert
Brenda Lowe Nicaragua Miami, FL 27 41 1
Carl Bilancione Africa Winter Springs, FL 46 69 1
Cindy Hall Guatemala Naples, FL 31 50 1
Colleen Haskell Borneo Miami Beach, FL 23 47 1
Danielle DiLorenzo Panama Pompano Beach, FL 24 43 2 @ddilorenzo10
Edgardo Rivera Fiji Miami Beach, FL 28 46 1
Gina Crews Marquesas Gainesville, FL 28 51 1
Ian Rosenberger Palau Key Largo, FL 23 43 1 @IanRosenberger
Jan Gentry Thailand Tampa, FL 53 75 1
Jessie Camacho Africa Orlando, FL 27 50 1 @jessiecamacho
Jimmy Johnson Nicaragua Islamorada, FL 67 81 1 verified @JimmyJohnson
Kat Edorsson One World Orlando, FL 22 35 1 @KittenSWAG24
Mikayla Wingle South Pacific Tampa, FL 22 35 1 @iLuvMiki
Monica Culpepper One World Tampa, FL 41 54 1 @monicaculpepper
Spencer Duhm Tocantins Lakeland, FL 19 35 1 @Spencer_Duhm
Troy "Troyzan" Robertson One World Miami, FL 50 63 1 @troy_zan
Number of survivors shown: 18
Average age when played: 32.44
Average current age: 50.00
Percentage with Twitter: 55.56%

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