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Survivors who are currently age 53

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Name First
From Approx.
as of
# of
(verified = Twitter verified)
Benjamin "Coach" Wade Tocantins Bolivar, MO 37 53 3 @the_real_coach
Brady Finta Vanuatu Huntington Beach, CA 33 53 1
Brook Geraghty Vanuatu Huntington Beach, CA 33 53 1 @crazybrook12
Chris Daugherty Vanuatu South Vienna, OH 33 53 1
Cirie Fields Panama Walterboro, SC 34 53 3 @Ciriesurvivor12
Cristina Coria Cook Islands Los Angeles, CA 35 53 1 @cristinamcoria
Dave Ball Samoa Los Angeles, CA 38 53 1 @dangerdaveball
Earl Cole Fiji Santa Monica, CA 35 53 1 @earlcole
James Miller Palau Mobile, AL 33 53 1
Jean-Robert Bellande China Las Vegas, NV 36 53 1 verified @BrokeLivingJRB
Joanna Ward The Amazon Orangeburg, SC 31 53 1
Judd Sergeant Guatemala Ridgefield, NJ 34 53 1
Ramona Gray Borneo Edison, NJ 29 53 1
Sean Rector Marquesas Harlem, NY 30 53 1
Stephannie Favor Cook Islands Columbia, SC 35 53 1
Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George Tocantins Nashville, TN 37 53 1 @TajGeorge
Travis "Bubba" Sampson Vanuatu Blountville, TN 33 53 1
Number of survivors shown: 17
Average age when played: 33.88
Average current age: 53.00
Percentage with Twitter: 47.06%

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